Site Manager Signup

In this page you will be creating a userid for yourself as the "Site Manager" with this userid you will be able to create a site, authorize payment for the site and create and manage users who can sign on to LifeSkill Lightning.

Step 1 - Enter a userid for your self in the Username field. The username must be letters or numbers , no spaces or special characters.

Note - The userid and email must be unique in the system. If someone already has the same username the system will prevent duplication.

Step 2 - Enter your eMail address (Xkyfire domain must be whitelisted on your mail servers in order for alerts and subscription confirmations to get through. Whitelist as - *

Step 3 - Enter a password, at least 6 characters long.

Step 4 - Enter your cell phone number (format e.g. 4035551212).

Step 5 - click the Continue button. That will take you to the Alert Site Creation page.

Please fill out the following fields to signup: